Belarusian Transport Insurance Bureau

About the Belarusian Bureau

In connection with the implementation of compulsory insurance of civil liability of the owners of motor vehicles in the Republic of Belarus, the Belarusian Transport Insurance Bureau was established by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No 100 dated 19 February 1999.

The Belarusian Bureau carries on its activity under the Articles approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus No 701 dated 1 December 1999.

The Belarusian Bureau is a Republic Association, uniting insurance organisations, authorized to carry on this kind of insurance. At the moment the following organisations are the members of the Belarusian Bureau: Belgosstrakh, Belkoopstrakh, Belneftestrakh, Eximgarant of Belarus, PromTransInvest and TASK.

The subject of the activity of the Belarusian Bureau is the organisation of carrying on this kind of insurance on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the representation of the interests of the Republic of Belarus in the International Green Card System, the control over the fulfillment of obligations accepted by the insurers — members of the Belarusian Bureau, the coordination of the activity of the involved parties, the development of instructions and interpretations within this kind of insurance, and also the settlement of cases of damage caused by a vehicle the owner of which did not insure his civil liability, or by a vehicle, which is out of the possession of its owner in the result of illegal actions of the third persons, and also in cases of a personal injury caused by an unidentified vehicle. Besides the Belarusian Bureau bears obligations under the insurance treaties of the insolvent insurance organizations — members of the Belarusian Bureau, which have been recognized insolvent in accordance with the legislation.

Since 1 July 2002 the Belarusian Bureau is a member of the Council of Bureaux of the International Civil Liability Insurance System (Green Card System) and since 1 March 2003 insurance organisations — members of the Belarusian Bureau have opportunity to operate not only in the internal market of the Republic of Belarus, but also to issue their own insurance certificates (Green Cards) with the territory of cover both for the neighboring foreign countries (Ukraine and Moldova) and for all countries — members of the International Green Card System, which at the moment unifies 47 countries of Europe and Asia.

Since 1 June 2007 the Belarusian Bureau is advanced from the status of Transitional Member to the status of Full Member of the Green Card System. The receipt of the Full Member status withdrew from the Republic of Belarus a number of restrictions and demands, envisaged for Transitional Members, and allowed the Republic of Belarus to take part in the work of the System equally with European countries.

Since the moment of its establishment the structure of the Belarusian Bureau is being constantly developed and modernized, aiming at most effective performance of functions and tasks, envisaged by the Articles of the Belarusian Bureau.